What to Expect

We understand it can be overwhelming to go to a new church for the first time.  While not every one of our services is exactly the same, we wanted to give you a brief look at our services to help take some of that awkwardness away.

Which building is it?

We have 2 main buildings at our church.  The upper building (the one closest to the Highway) is our youth building.  Grades 6-12 meet up there on Wednesday nights for their service.  The lower building (the one further from the highway) is our main facility.  That’s where you should come on a Sunday morning.

What is the timeframe?

Our services start at 10:45am and go to around noon.  During the service there will be a time of worship through music, prayer, an offering, and a message.  Our pastors preach on a variety of subjects and apply the Bible to life today.

How are people dressed?

There will be people dressed in everything from shorts and T-shirts (probably jeans in winter) to suits and ties and dresses, and just about everything in between.  Bottom line is, don’t sweat it, come as you are and chances are someone will be dressed similarly.  We care much more about you than what you’re wearing!

What about my kids?

There is a specific ministry area for each age range of child at GRAOG, but you are free to keep them with you if you prefer.  Right now we have a slight volunteer shortage so we have had to combine some of our children’s ministry ages.  There is a nursery area for children ages birth-4, which is all the way across the foyer/entry hall from the main doors.  We are currently working on getting our class for the kids ages 3-5 going.  The older kids (age 5-grade 5) meet in the gym.  On the months with a 5th Sunday we do a family service on that 5th Sunday.  The only separate kids ministry we have that morning is the nursery.  The rest of the kids will be in the main sanctuary and we will have a family friendly service.  If you have children in any of these age ranges look for the kids check in desk in the main hall when you arrive.  We’ll ask for some basic contact information to check your kids in, then we’ll print a sticker for each of your children and one for you.  Put the sticker on your child/children and there will be a corresponding number on the sticker we hand you.  You must have that sticker to pick up your kids at the end of the service.  We take your child’s/children’s safety very seriously, that’s why we check kids in this way.

What’s the music like?

We sing mostly contemporary worship songs from the last decade, but we do some older songs as well.  There is a live worship team that plays the music each week.

What’s the coffee situation?

We like coffee.  Feel free to bring your own or grab some of ours for free.  You can take your coffee with you anywhere in the church.  We understand, we want to as well!