Sunday @ 11

Come together again when you’re ready.

As you make decisions on how to worship, here are two ways we are encouraging you to be part of the GRAOG family:

  1. Stay home and worship with your GRAOG family online.
  2. Attend the indoor aspect of our Sunday service.

If you choose to attend an in-person worship service, we are committed to complying with health and safety guidelines to make every effort to protect our communities.

During worship gatherings, we have the chairs in the sanctuary set for social distancing. We ask you to sit only with members of your own houshold/in groups of up to 10 people, and leave 6 feet between members of other households/groups.  

Face masks are no longer required for individuals who have been fully vaccinated (2 weeks after the final dose of a vaccination). Masks are strongly encouraged for those who have not been vaccinated, and will be available upon entrance.

Green stickers mean I'm comfortable with you being closer.  Red stickers mean please keep your distance.

GRAOG is committed to the health of our community and will scale our gatherings in compliance with the MDH and CDC guidelines to do our part in keeping our community and church family safe and healthy. 

Click here for a downloadable pdf of our plan.


How You Can Help:
  • If you don’t feel well or have health concerns, please stay home and join us on our Facebook page or at
  • Please wash your hands, use hand sanitizer often and cover a sneeze or cough.
  • Maintain a distance of six or more feet between yourself and other guests.
  • Please respect the personal health decisions of others. And above all, Be Kind.

**These plans are subject to change as we are committed to complying with up-to-date health and safety guidelines.

RISK – We are doing all we can to provide a clean environment, but it is impossible to be germ free. When attending this or any large gathering you are doing so at your own risk. GRAOG is not responsible for any exposure to Covid-19 you may be subject to while attending one of our experiences. Please keep in mind strong smelling sanitizers of various kinds will be used and may be an issue for those with sensitivities. Use discretion when deciding whether or not you and your loved ones should join us in person, or wait and join us online.